Good Things – Youth Sports

One of the foundation’s goals is to improve youth sports facilities especially in under represented youth sports. To date the foundation has completed the construction of an appropriate softball facility for Simi Valley Girls Softball, Big Sky Park. The foundation has been instrumental in the upgrades to both the facilities used by Royal High School Softball and Simi High School Softball at Rancho Simi Park and Rancho Santa Susana Park. Amanda loved playing softball with her friends. She loved being part of a team, cheering in the dugout and waiting for the treat after the game. There are so many life lessons to be learned by playing on a team and we want to promote that spirit in Amanda’s name. Youth sports brought great joy to Amanda’s life.

Challenger Field – Simi Valley Little League

The foundation was approached in 2009 by the Challenger Division of Simi Valley Little League and asked to helping build an appropriate facility for the special youth and adults that played in the challenger division. This project aligned perfecting with the foundation’s mission statement combining our special needs goals and our youth sports goals. The foundation began working together with Rancho Simi Recreation and Park District to make a plan. Through a collaborative effort with the Park District, the city of Simi Valley, Simi Valley Girls Softball and Simi Valley Little League, the baseball park at the Apollo fields will include special dugouts and handicap accessible bathrooms. In 2009, the foundation began raising funds at our events for this project. The foundation committed to a $275,000 donation to make this dream a reality. Opening day was held March 22nd, 2014 and the players have completed their first full season on this field of dreams.

View more photos from Opening Day.

View more photos from the Challenger Field Groundbreaking Ceremony.

Big Sky Park

When the foundation began in December 2003, we made a softball facility for SVGS one of our priorities. The completed facility opened in January 2005, with an opening day featuring USA Softball player Jennie Finch. SVGS has enjoyed the location for several years now and hosts the Amanda Memorial All-Star softball tournament at these fields along with every other field in the city. A dream has become a reality.

When we think of all those girls playing on a state of the art field, we cannot help but get tears in our eyes. The game Amanda loved so much and the girls Amanda loved to be with finally have a beautiful place to play. As we watched the girls at try-outs, we could not help but wonder how different our life would be if Amanda were still here and trying out with the other girls. Her passing has provided motivation and desire to do Good Things in her name.

The foundation partnered with the Rancho Simi Recreation and Park District, The Simi Valley Unified School District and The City of Simi Valley to complete the over 1 million dollar project. The Foundation donated $250,000 for this project.

The foundation would like to recognize the tremendous support of the board of Simi Valley Girls Softball and the many families involved with this organization. Without their support and love, we would have never been able to reach our goal. We continue to be moved by and grateful for the league’s decisions to help keep Amanda’s spirit alive. It is such a special tribute to the little girl who helps us remember what is important in life – to always try your best, have fun and keep smiling!

Dedication Plaque for Big Sky Park

Rancho Simi Park

With the success at Big Sky Park for the girls playing softball in the city of Simi Valley, the foundation turned their attention to the girls who used to play for SVGS but had now moved on to high school. Once again, a collaborative effort took place and working together major upgrades were made to the softball facility at this well-loved park.

With the vision and funding provided by Rancho Simi Recreation and Park District along with funding from Simi Valley Unified School District, The City of Simi Valley and the foundation, the park is now the perfect place not only for the high school girls at Royal High School to play but for all other leagues as well. The facility is fenced in with decorative fence and includes bleachers, covered dug outs and area for pitches to warm up. The expanded parking lot makes it a great place for tournaments and other events.

A beautiful, clean softball facility that the foundation is proud to have been a part of.

Rancho Santa Susana Park

Not be outdone, Simi Valley High School also reached out to the foundation for improvements to the park where they played. The Park and Recreation district already had the plans for the bleachers and covered dugouts and warm up areas. So the foundation was asked to provide funding for a Gator and a Sea-Train so that team could properly maintain the fields and have a place for their equipment at the field.

Amanda’s logo is displayed prominently on the Gator and we are proud to have helped the high school complete their needs for their softball facility.


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