Other Good Things

The foundation receives many requests at any given time and some do not fit neatly into a category. Some of the other organizations and causes that the foundation supports are listed below:

The foundation grants scholarships for students to participate in these invaluable programs for special needs students. Thank you to the organizations who go the extra mile to support and work with special needs children. Your efforts mean so much.

  • Cheerforce Glacierz – a special needs cheer squad
  • Ride On : Therapeutic Horsemanship – therapy for special needs children
  • Oakton Swim Club – a special needs swim club
  • Simi Valley High School Cheer – special needs cheerleader

The foundation is also proud to support the Special Kids Day at Simi Valley Days where special education students from the district have private access to the carnival area. The foundation provides food and volunteers to support this wonderful event. Come join us! It is a day you will always remember.

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