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One of the foundation’s goals is to have an Amanda’s Corner in every elementary school in Ventura County. The Foundation began working with the Simi Valley Unified School District and continues to reach out to other districts in the county. This goal supports the individual needs of special needs students at a school. Amanda was a special needs student who received support services through the school district. We feel strongly that Amanda’s success in school was directly related to the support she received.

Currently every school in SVUSD that has requested funds for an Amanda’s Corner has received full or partial funding. There are also Amanda’s Corners in Conejo Unified School District, Moorpark School District and Pleasant Valley School District. The foundation has also supported the County’s offices for special education students.

Does your school have an Amanda’s Corner? If not, please let your principal or special education department know about the foundation. See if you can find your school…

An Amanda’s Corner consists of the equipment and supplies needed for the special education students at a particular school. This can include computers, software, adaptive equipment and other items that support children that require additional assistance to be successful in school. Teachers submit a grant request to the foundation that has been approved by their principal. The grant request form can be found on the web site. Members of the board of the foundation meet to discuss the request, weighing the needs and benefits before granting a request. The goal is to benefit as many children as possible and to spend our funds wisely. An Amanda’s Corner can be as simple as one piece of equipment to an entire roomful of equipment. We want the Amanda’s Corner to be very specialized to the situation and the students that are being supported. Many factors are used to determine if funds for a request are granted by the foundation board.

It is important for teachers and students to have access to the tools that are required for early intervention so that these children have the best chance of success. Our foundation believes in early intervention and support services through the school district. Our foundation believes that every child deserves the support they need.

Amanda’s Corner Proposal Form

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