Amanda Connections

We are adding a new feature on the website where supporters can share their stories about making an “Amanda Connection” – our first story is from Peggi Garcia:

On Friday Sept 27th, I was at a gas station putting gas in my car and as I finished a man approached and asked me about the Amanda sticker on my car. I told him the story and what the foundation does and all the good things in Amanda’s name. I explained to him how the foundation came to be with a lump in my throat! He told me that he was from Newbury Park and one of his kids left a baseball hat at home when he went to college. The hat has Amanda’s logo and he did not know where his kid got it, but he keeps it and likes to wear it because it belongs to his kid. After hearing the story, he said that now that he knows the story and what the logo means to Simi Valley, he will treasure it even more.

Thank you for sharing Peggi and we hope others will share their stories as well!

Share Your Amanda Connection

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