Who is Amanda?

Amanda Playing Softball

Amanda was the strongest, toughest, sweetest, most special person we knew. She knew only unconditional love. Amanda battled her entire life. She was born with Velo-Cardio-Facial Syndrome, which included the heart condition, Tetrology of Fallot. She endured several surgeries until open-heart surgery repaired the Tetrology of Fallot. The next several years were full of therapy to walk, talk and eat with never a complaint. She only worked harder to reach her next goal. She never gave up and she never gave in. She only achieved, hugged and loved. Amanda’s spirit was so strong, she changed everyone she met. If she met you, she hugged you. If she hugged you, you now have her spirit. And if you did not receive one of those hugs, but you read this, you will know of the spirit and soon have it for yourself. This spirit is about love, giving, effort, helping, having courage, and never giving up. Even though Amanda has left this earth, her spirit is with us. With that, her spirit is our guide for the rest of our time here.

- Philip, Mary and Krista McPherson

Amanda loved Disneyland and Hawaii, softball and soccer, her family and friends, SpongeBob, and McDonalds.