Mission Statement

The Amanda McPherson Foundation was founded in memory of a little girl cherished by so many. Donations are gratefully accepted and will be directed in several areas.

The Amanda McPherson Foundation is committed to supporting both research and education in the fields of Velo-Cardio-Facial Syndrome, a genetic birth defect, and Viral Myocarditis, sudden cardiac death. Further research will lead to better treatment and prevention of these conditions. Education regarding these conditions will lead to early intervention, giving those affected the best chance for success. Our support will hopefully decrease the number of families who experience the struggles and loss associated with either of these conditions.

The Amanda McPherson Foundation feels strongly about supporting families that have experienced a similar loss, but lack the support received by the McPherson family. We may support families struggling with the pain of the loss of a child.

Athletics, especially softball, were an important part of Amanda’s life. In her honor, The Amanda McPherson Foundation will support youth athletic programs in Ventura County, California. Requests will be considered based on their merit and community impact. In supporting a safe and positive environment for children to play, we hope that for years to come families will enjoy the lessons of teamwork, spirit, and friendship that athletics can offer. Many of the most joyous times in Amanda’s life were spent on a playing field.

Amanda’s Corner is an initiative of the Amanda McPherson Foundation. The foundation will support this educational goal by providing resources and support for children with special needs attending public schools in Ventura County, California. Amanda received support services through her school district beginning at age three and we can directly relate her successes in education with that support. With our support, we hope to provide these students with the tools they need for success.